There are three stages to creating an educational resource in the Resource Builder Write, Describe, and Submit.

Step 1: Write your resource

Once you have started Resource Builder, you are ready to create your resource.

  1. Type a descriptive title for your resource.
  2. Create a Table of Contents with headings and subheadings.
  3. Create your resource in the editor.
  4. Insert links from external sources by typing the text you would like displayed and paste in the link.
  5. Insert media such as videos, images, audio, and PDFs to make your resource interactive. (a Upload an item from your computer or paste in a link from the web.(b)Click next to fill out a description of the media and click Submit.
  6. Add a Co-Author if you are working with another person.
  7. Upload a Word Document from OneDrive or Google Drive.
  8. Click the Next Step: Describe button

Resource Guidelines for educators:

  • Create resources that are understandable and can be successfully used by others.
  • Create resources that support sound pedagogical practice.
  • Advance professional learning and sharing.
  • Contain accurate and relevant content knowledge.
  • Create resources that are developmentally and culturally appropriate.

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Publish your resource