You can update your group profile and permission settings in the Manage Group panel.  

Note: You must be a group administrator to change the group settings.

Select your group

  1. Login to the Resource Bank.
  2. Click your name on the primary navigation menu in the header and select My Groups from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Group you want to edit.

Profile Information

  1. Select the Information tab in group navigation menu.
  2. Select the Manage Group button.

Change attributes of your group such as:

  1. Group Name - click the field to enter the name change.
  2. Group Type - click the drop down menu to select a different type.
  3. Subjects - add more subjects by selecting the box next to the subject, or unclick checkbox to remove subjects.
  4. Grade - click the drop down menu to select more grades, or click the ‘x’ to remove grades
  5. Group Description - click the field to change the group description.
  6. Profile Image - upload an image of your group by inserting an image from your computer or the web.
  7. Click the Save Changes button.

Add a group Admin

  1. Type the email addresses or name of the Resource Bank user you would like to add as an administrator.
  2. Click the Add Admin button.
  3. Your new admin will be notified by email. 

Note that if the user is not already a Resource Bank member, they will be prompted to create an account.